Icon Commissions

Icon Commissions

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Christ in Glory Icon written by Christine Hales


A commissioned Icon can be a favorite Saint or a Scriptural scene. It should be one that gives hope and inspiration to the viewer.  Icons are often given as an ordination gift, a memorial for a loved one, or a birthday .   They are given to churches as well.  An Icon will be a beautiful reminder of God’s Presence for many generations. Contact Christine    (chales@halesart.com)

Icon commissions usually take a month or more to complete.  Using natural pigments mixed with the yolk of an egg, egg tempera painting is one of the earliest forms of painting and encompasses many of the classical painting traditions.


WHEN I WRITE ICONS, PRAYER IS AN IMPORTANT PART OF THE PROCESS. I research the saint, find relevant Scripture, and use this information to pray while I write the Icon.  I also include prayers for the person or church commissioning the Icon.

When I paint an Icon, I use  natural pigments and egg tempera, or acrylic pigments. The choice depends on where the Icon will be stored and the look desired.

The way I write and an Icon,  it is a  multi-step process.  I focus on spiritual development within the icon writing tradition.  I Also focus as well as on artistic development. Icons are known as the practice of  spiritual discipline for the mind, heart, and hand. Iconography is a continuation of the Russian-Byzantine icon tradition into the twenty first century.

  • To commission an Icon from Christine, email    (chales@halesart.com) your questions or request.
  • First, decide the size, the subject and date needed.
  •  Christine’s Icons are in many churches and private homes across the USA.